Spray robots

Less Labour. Less pesticide - More accuracy!

Crop spraying is one of the most critical, expensive and time consuming processes for any horticultural business. Our spray robot not only ensures accurate, uniform application of pesticides in glasshouses, but considerably speeds up the process.  It is designed to run on glasshouse pipe rails and is configurable to suit a wide range of glasshouse crops. 

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The robot can be programmed to cater automatically for many different situations:

  • Different travel speeds (e.g. a higher speed when not spraying)
  • Spraying part rows only
  • Any of the spray nozzles can be turned on and off (e.g. to cope with increasing crop height as the crop develops or to spray only the stems of a layered crop)
  • Spraying can be activated when the robot is travelling from the centre path to the end of the row, in both directions or only on the return to the centre path
  • The forward facing nozzles can be activated automatically when the robot is set to pause before the end of the row to ensure spray coverage of plants at the end of the row as well as those on each side
  • Can be supplied to operate automatically only within the crop row, or to traverse automatically along the centre path from row to row. When traversing the centre path the robot can be set to skip rows when required
  • Safety features to pause travel and spraying because of an obstruction are standard on all CMW spray robots
  • Memory holds settings for 9 different spray regimes
  • 25-90 metres/minute spraying speed
  • 0-90˚ adjustable nozzle delivery angles
  • Mast adjustable for height
  • Overrun protection
  • Multi masted configuration to suit the crop
  • Heavy duty semi-traction batteries

You can read a typical case history here

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