Shade Screens

Shade screens

Shade screens have become one of the most important tools in the modern grower's armoury. By intelligent use of the shade screen the grower is able to manipulate both light and/or humidity to maintain the ideal greenhouse climate. This not only ensures maximum production and quality, but also creates a more pleasant working environment for staff.

Deployment of the screen at night or in low light conditions can also contribute significantly to energy saving.

With 20 years experience of installing shade screens in greenhouses of every shape and size, and a clear focus on quality, CMW are very reliable partners when the time comes to choose a suitable screen.

CMW's in-house project management, installation and maintenance crew uses the latest all terrain equipment and scissor lifts to ensure that every project runs smoothly and on time, with minimum disruption to the everyday nursery operation.

After sales service

CMW has its own experienced UK based installation and service team.

You can be sure of prompt and efficient attention for routine maintenance, breakdown or emergency - in the event of storm damage or vandalism, for example. Routine preventative maintenance can be tailored to the customer's choice, with service intervals to suit the type of screen and extent of duty.

Experience shows that routine maintenance will increase the life span of your screen. After all, it makes just as sense to look after your investment in a well engineered screen as it does with other essential mechanical equipment.

The latest materials

CMW can help you choose the right material for your energy saving screen, taking into account your crop, glasshouse and budget.

Fire retardant

All CMW screens can be fitted with fire retardant cloth. 

Shade cloths

We can offer a very wide range of shade and light diffusion cloths. A small selection can be found below, but please call us on 01430 422222 if the shading or light diffusion properties you are seeking are not listed.

Screen type Manufacturer Material Energy saving Light transmission
Shade Svensson Harmony Revolux (open) 20-30%


    Harmony Firebreak (open) 15-35%


Shade Bonar Phormium PH 55 open - 77 (open) 20-30%


Shade Ridder RSS 15/16/17 (Closed) 58-68%


    RSS 16/17 O (Open)
28-30% 30-40%



Please call 01430 422222, email us or use our enquiry form to learn more or to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.

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