Screen refurbishment

The latest screens deliver significantly better energy saving and light transmission than screens installed a few years ago.
After years of service, the original energy saving performance of screens deteriorates with normal wear and tear. Furthermore, the light transmission of once transparent screens is adversely affected by the accumulation of dust and algae etc. Given the well-established rule that 1% reduction in light reduces yield by 1%, good light transmission is a must for daytime screen deployment. So contaminated screens won’t allow you to get the benefit of extra daytime energy saving without severely affecting production, and worn screens will not reach their original energy saving performance.

Taken together, these factors can make recladding and refurbishment of an older screening system a very smart investment.

CMW offer a complete refurbishment service using one of the three cloth manufacturers listed below. The CMW refurbishment service includes replacement of support wires and update of the screen mechanics where neccessary. Refurbishment can be carried out either after the crop is removed or while it is still in production.


Manufacturer Material Fire Retardant Energy saving Light transmission
        Direct Diffuse
Svensson Luxous 1243 D
No 43%



  Luxous 1347 FR Yes 47%


  Luxous 1547 D FR
Yes 47% 85% 76%
Bonar Phormium Phormitex super Yes 47%


  Phormitex Bright Yes  47% 87% 80%
  Phormitex Clear Yes 47% 89%


RES 10 FR Yes 47% 87%


  RES 10 D FR Yes 47% 85% 76%

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