Screens have become just as important in modern greenhouse production as the structure itself. Energy saving is now crucially important, but for many high value crops the ability of screens to help growers control the environment in the greenhouse is also vital now.

CMW design and install custom made energy saving, shade, light pollution or blackout screens in the roof or sides of any greenhouse type, large or small, new or old. Our screen systems can be single or multiple layer or multiple function within a single layer. So special screen types are now available to cater for a wide range of applications.

Whatever kind of screen you need, CMW have the expertise and the experience to give you a screening system which does the job effectively and remains trouble free for many years.

We have a well established supply chain of industry leaders such as Ludwig Svennson, Bonar Phormium and Valk who provide our quality components and materials.

New developments in cloth materials and components are constantly being reviewed and introduced to make our screens more efficient, more compact and give improved longevity.

Follow the links for more on each of the screening systems available:

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