More growers opt to replace old screens

Save even more energy and transmit more light

- Abbey View Nurseries, Waltham Abbey

Like most leading salad growers, Abbey View installed their screens some time ago. After years of constant use, they had become very tired but, like many growers, nursery manager Alan Richardson hesitated for a while before deciding that it was time to renew the system. 'Actually, this should have been done earlier' says Alan, 'but agreeing on the best time to replace an existing asset is never easy'. However, once the decision was made, everything went very smoothly. 'The CMW crew were the best screen contractors we've ever had on site'.
Modern equipment and experienced fitters make for a very efficient refurbishment process. Using a new monofil deployment machine, over 16,000 square metres of monofil were replaced in only 3 days!

 - Ravensworth Nurseries, N.Yorkshire

Glasshouses come in all shapes and sizes, and by no means all have tall stanchions, wide bays and unfettered access.
Ravensworth Nurseries grow a mixture of pot and bedding, mostly on benches, and replacing old screens over a growing crop presented several challenges - not only to carry out the work in a timely manner but also to avoid disruption to day to day operations on the nursery and above all to ensure no damage to the crop.

Co-owner Fiona Dean opted for the Ridder flame retardant material RLD 60FR which provides 60% shade under direct sunlight, 65% shade under diffused light and 48% energy saving. She says 'The refit went very well with very little disruption to our normal operation and no crop damage at all. The new screen is a big improvement on what we had before in every respect.'


Completed screen refurbishments

Abbey View Nurseries 16,600 sq metres Luxous 1347 FR
Ravensworth Nurseries 20,700 sq metres Ridder RLD 60 FR
Mill Nurseries 13,500 sq metres XLS10 Revolux
Schembri 11,800 sq metres Luxous 1347 FR
R&L Holt 30,600 sq metres Ridder RES 10 FR
Valley Grown Salads 16,700 sq metres SLS10 Ultra Plus
Early Ornamentals 3,900 sq metres Harmony 5220 FR
Anchor Nurseries 16,250 sq metres SLS 10 Ultra Plus
Anchor Nurseries 6,600 sq metres XLS 10 Revolux FR
Anchor Nurseries 18,600 sq metres Luxous 1347 FR



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