Les Halman Nurseries Ltd

The Halman family has a long history in the nursery business, going right back to 1887 when Les's grandparents began market gardening. There have naturally been many changes since, but the family's proud heritage still continues with Les's son Stuart having joined the business in 1995.

Today, Les Halman Ltd specialise in garden plant production, hanging baskets and patio tubs as well as potted herbs and garden vegetables on their 8 acre site in Cheshire.

Creating the right conditions in the greenhouse are critical for the production of the quality product that Les Halman Nurseries Ltd have become known for. Shade and energy screens play a vital role in creating those conditions.


Starting in 2008, the Halman nursery has now installed approaching 7,000 sq metres of Ludwig Svensson XLS 15 Firebreak shade/energy screens to help them create the ideal environment as well as reducing their energy inputs.

Installation of Denton 9.6m irrigation gantries has not only reduced their labour costs, but also significantly improved the accuracy of their watering.