Villa Nursery, Roydon

Installing screens in older houses presents special challenges, because the greenhouse structure may not have been designed for screens when the house was originally built.

That was certainly the case at Villa Nurseries in Roydon, where brothers Michael and Phil Gibilaro had two blocks of glass totalling over 22,000 sq. metres built some years ago.

Both were screened by CMW's installation crew in December 2012 using Phormitex Super cloth - which provides 45% energy saving when fully deployed.

The smaller block is typical for glass built more then 10 years ago, with insufficient clearance between the push-pull vent mechanism and the trellis to accommodate a conventional screen.

Sunmax® to the rescue

Normally, screens are mounted against the greenhouse frame. To make the screen package as small as possible, Van der Valk developed the CLIP20-screen profile which is only 2 cm wide. SunMax® uses the CLIP20 mounted so that most of the screen can be folded into the framework. The whole unit becomes more compact and allows more light to reach the crop.

No other screen system would fit, but Sunmax® made it possible for Michael and Phil to benefit from energy saving throughout their pepper nursery.

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