Gigant 2 Shredder indispensable at East End

Gigant 2 Shredder helps East End Nursery to clear 2 hectars strawberry vines in a day.

"Our Gigant shredder is indispensable"

- Peter Overvoorde: East End Nurseries

Peter Overvoorde has a keen eye for labour saving investments:

‘Labour is our single biggest cost, and the seasonal nature of our business creates tremendous peaks for our workforce. We also want to minimise time between taking the old crop out and replanting.' East End Nurseries in Keyingham, East Yorkshire is a modern 9 acre substrate soft fruit unit. Peter makes sure it runs efficiently. 'Removal of the old strawberry crop was always a headache before we invested in our Gigant 2 shredder. Not only did the work take longer and require more people, but we ended up with unprocessed crop waste which took ages to compost. We can clear 1,500 sq metres an hour with just 3 men now, and have it ready for composting straight away. The Gigant has become one of our most indispensable pieces of equipment.'

"We can clear 1,500 sq metres per hour with just 3 men now"

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