Priva computers

CMW have a long association with Priva, manufacturer of the market leading Connext environmental computer. CMW have installed and serviced Priva control systems for more than 25 years, varying in size and complexity from single zones to more than fifty separately controlled environmental compartments.

The Priva Connext is modular for both hardware and software, so not only is it easy for CMW to design a control system to suit individual requirements and scale, but also existing systems can be readily extended by the addition of extra hardware or software or both.

Due to continuous development, and because Priva have been leaders in the design of horticultural control systems for more than 25 years, CMW can supply software modules to suit every conceivable horticultural situation, and with an ethos centred in sustainability, you can be sure that as a Priva user you will benefit from the very latest energy saving technologies.

In combination with CMW's thermal and shade screens, Connext can reduce your energy use by 35-40%.

Irrigation Control

When it comes to the environment, it's just as important to conserve water as it is to use energy efficiently. Priva are also leaders in the control of irrigation systems, either as standalone controllers, or integrated in the environmental control system along with heating and ventilation etc.

More often than not, especially with the increasing deployment of hydroponics in modern horticulture, irrigation control goes hand in hand with fertiliser injection and pH control.

CMW offer a comprehensive range of fertiliser injection rigs and pH control systems to suit a wide range of flow rates and water pressures, ideal for use with substrates such as rockwool or coir and for NFT systems. These can be supplied either with a mixing tank or for direct injection into the irrigation main. CMW will be pleased to advise which system will best meet your needs.

Acid dosing

systems for pH precontrol in the water storage tank are also available from CMW. Go here for information about the Priva Neutralizer.

Advanced irrigation control

Determining when to apply water and in what volume is one of the most critical aspects of modern irrigation.

Water and fertiliser are too expensive to waste, and it is also known that when the application of water and nutrients to substrates such as rockwool and coir is not properly managed, the generative balance of the crop can be adversely affected and production will suffer.

CMW can supply a range of software options and sensors that will help to ensure that your irrigation will be applied at the right time and in the correct nutrient balance and volume. 

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