Berry growers impressed by greenhouse technologies

Inspired by the results of near-market research at specialist soft fruit facilities such as the Proefcentrum at Hoogstraten in Belgium (, growers in the Benelux countries have been investing in the latest greenhouse technology for some time, and now UK growers are seeing the benefits of modern growing systems too.

Berry growers Andrew Barrie, John Busby and Colin Grant recently visited a number of CMW customers using state of the art greenhouse technologies. Hosted by Nick Field and Gordon Badham of CMW, there was much to see:

(follow the hyperlinks for more information about the individual technologies)

As well as a number of RHI and/or FIT compliant renewable energy installations

CMW would like to thank the following for their hospitality during this grower tour:

Valefresco, Evesham

R&L Holt, Fladbury and Offenham

Westland Nursery, Offenham

Red Roofs Nursery, Cottingham

Mill Nurseries, Keyingham