Improved performance NDJ Dripper

NDJ Click Tif PCND drippers solve many of the problems that have become associated with other dripper types.

Key features:

  • Pressure compensating and leak proof 
  • Made of high grade plastics and silicon rubber.
  • Available for a wide range of outputs: 1.3lph, 2.0lph, 3.0lph, 4lph and 8lph and fully colour coded.
  • The wide range of outputs is more than enough to cover all eventualities.
  • The closing pressure of all the drippers is 3 m. This is not only industry leading but also vital on sloping or undulating land.
  • The operational pressure range is between 0.8 bar and 4 bar which again is industry leading. This allows for large valve blocks and long runs and, as pumping systems get older, the low operating pressure compared to the high closing allows the system to continue to operate at the originally designed output.
  • Cascade labyrinth allows for wide passage ways. Large dripper construction allows robust outlet chamber with large exit allowing the dripper to function with difficult water conditions. It therefore resists blockage throughout the dripper.
  • Very importantly the dripper is completely frost and split resistant.
  • The stake has several key features:
  • The 'H' cross section allows the water to travel down the stake without being proud of the side of the 'H' meaning that polythene, leaves and other potential obstructions cannot interfere with and divert the flow away from the bag or block, potentially onto the floor.
  • Another advantage of this deep 'H' is that the stake can work at quite low angles (below 45') and without adversely affecting the flow to the plant.
  • The inverted ascending chevrons facilitate the water flow being pushed outwards to facilitate lateral water movement 

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