CMW to host GrowSave seminar

The Dutch greenhouse industry has been working on the Het Nieuwe Telen (HNT) project for several years. 'Het Nieuwe Telen' translates roughly to New Way of Growing or Next Generation Growing, a title chosen to suggest that new attitudes to basic environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can make a significant contribution to the overall aim of the HNT project: - 

To optimise crop production without unnecessary consumption of energy and water.

Although UK growers have received tidbits of information about HNT from time to time, it has been difficult to get a fuller picture. A summary of the progress of the HNT project so far was published in Dutch at the end of 2015, but so far there is no English translation.

However, AHDB funded GrowSave have now arranged two seminars during April 2016 which will be delivered by four specialists with proven expertise in HNT, including one of the authors of the 'Basic Principles of HNT' published last year.

The first seminar, on 20th April, will be hosted by CMW, followed by a repeat of the event in Harlow on 21st April.

Full details of both seminars, which are free to levy payers, can be found on the GrowSave website, where you can also reserve your place at whichever venue suits you best.

The following video (with English subtitles) gives an overview of some of the benefits that HNT can bring.


 The seminars are sponsored by:


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