Mobile containers & benches

Mobile benches have become indispensable for large scale pot plant and bulb growing.

CMW supplier Bosman Van Zaal, has more than 50 years experience in providing the highest quality mobile bench systems on the market and have been supplied and installed for leading nurseries in the UK, Ireland and around the world for crops including:

  • Pot & bedding plants
  • Herbs grown in pots
  • Bulbs
  • Young plants & plug production
  • Baby leaf and cress
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Mushrooms



Mobile bench systems offer many advantages compared to fixed bench systems and/or growing on the ground:

  • Efficient handling of different groups of plants with different growing conditions, by working with individual benches that can be moved and tracked throughout the growing cycle
  • Optimal space usage to help the grower reach and surpass his targeted output
  • Gives the grower the possibility for multilevel growing solutions for an unparalleled space utilisation
  • Better working climate, and a much improved airflow within the greenhouse, especially underneath the benches, compared to crops grown at ground level
  • More efficient plant irrigation with reduced labour costs
  • Better control over the quality of the crop due to better sanitation: getting the plants off the floor decreases the probability of crop contamination
  • Mobile benches allow for better organised work areas (potting, spacing, harvesting, packing, etc.) and always lead to more efficient working conditions
  • Because of much more efficient irrigation, the overall humidity in the greenhouse can be lower, and this reduces the risks of mildew, fungi and root diseases that can affect the plants
  • Reduced energy costs due to the better airflow under the benches which allows the plants to be heated up more easily than when they are grown on the ground
  • Streamlines all phases of production

Mobile benches can be supplied with the following bottom types:

  • Galvanised mesh
  • Expanded metal  
  • Ebb and flood
  • Styrofoam
  • No bottom (suitable for tulip crates)
  • Gutters

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