Heat pumps

Until recently, heat pumps were rarely a viable option for UK growers. Now, however, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has transformed the economics of heat pumps in the UK.

You can read about a successful heat pump installation for a leading grower here.

(Further details of how UK growers might benefit from RHI subsidies can be found on the GrowSave website.)

Heat pumps are now a practical option for heating, cooling (and generating RHI revenue) in a sustainable and economic way.

CMW partners Certhon have installed numerous heat pumps and can ensure that your installation is fully compliant with RHI regulations. Although heat pumps can extract heat from the ground or air, in horticulture heat pumps are more commonly used in combination with natural water sources such as wells, springs and reservoirs.

The principle of the heat pump is well established and simple (all fridges, freezers and air conditioning systems rely on the heat pump principle) : low-grade heat (or cold) is retrieved from the environment and transformed by the heat pump to a considerably higher temperature, after which it can be deployed elsewhere.

The ratio of heat output compared to electrical input is referred to as the Coefficient of Performance (CoP) and will generally be in the region of 4:1 or better (4kW heat out from 1 kW electrical energy in).

CMW and Certhon can manage the entire process from start to finish. From the initial feasibility and capacity calculations, integration with your existing heating system, installation of the heat pump and ancillaries, including drilling and groundwork where necessary, and ongoing maintenance. Integration of all these disciplines under one roof  leads to the most reliable end result.

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