Plastic Greenhouses

CMW are sole agents for Bosman Van Zaal plastic greenhouses in the UK and Ireland. They offer growers not only structures built to engineering standards equal to the best glasshouses, but also the spectral performance of modern plastics and the prospect of significant energy saving.

Suitable for a wide range of crops

Bosman Van Zaal have satisfied customers in many countries and in every sector of horticulture: salads, soft fruit, herbs, cut flowers, pot and bedding plants, hardy nursery stock, plant propagation and in the garden centre and retail trade.

Energy saving

All Bosman Van Zaal greenhouses can be supplied with double-layered film. This has several advantages, the biggest being substantial energy savings. Compared to a greenhouse with single panes of glass, a Bosman Van Zaal plastic greenhouse using double-layered plastic film with air between the layers uses up to 40% less energy.

Professional standards every step of the way

CMW and Bosman Van Zaal together guarantee first class support, planning, supervision and implementation of your project, before, during and after construction. Whether you are looking for a standard greenhouse or a customized structure, we will supply and assemble the project on time and to professional standards.

Venlo, Widespan, Cabrio or custom built

A wide range of structures and ventilation systems are available, either in standard venlo bay widths up to 14.4m, widespans of up to 15.0m, and cabrio houses with ventilators opening from the ridge. Or for those special situations, Bosman Van Zaal can deliver your greenhouse customised to suit your particular requirement.

High quality, long lasting covers

Great strides have been made in the development of modern plastic films. Bosman Van Zaal use thermal anti-condensation films from 0.18 mm to 0.22 mm thickness. The light transmission of our films is extremely high - between 88% and 92% depending on the type and whether it is single or double skinned. The most suitable film for your project is discussed thoroughly beforehand taking into account the crop and other important requirements, so that the right choice can be made to ensure perfect crop performance. Special films such as F-Clean® and energy saving double layer films can be supplied on request.

Spectral filters

Modern films have properties that can influence plant growth and development, contribute to energy saving and even play a part in pest control. Go here for more.

Modern plastic films - an addition to the grower's armoury

Growers are becoming increasingly aware that plastics, far from being a poor relation to glass, actually bring real benefits to crop production by enabling the light spectrum to be manipulated so that only those wavelengths which ensure the best growth and development reach the crop.

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