Nutrient dosing & pH control

CMW offer a wide range of nutrient and acid dosing systems by leading manufacturers Priva and Heron. Generally speaking, these systems are scalable to cope with everything from experimental applications designed for minimal flow to full-scale commercial situation where flow rates can be 100 m3 per hour or more.

CMW specialises in the supply of packaged dosing units which are constructed on a stainless steel frame complete with on board computer control (or connection to remote control system), water pump, nutrient dosing, pH control, mixing tank or mixing chamber.

Priva - computer controlled nutrient dosing

  • NutrijetNutrijet
  • NutrifitNutrifit
  • NutriflexNutriflex

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CMW are able to design and supply everything you'll need to complete your irrigation system: Pumps, tanks, irrigation main,sub mains & drippers. Call us on 04130 422222

Heron dosing units

UK manufacturer Heron offer a popular range of dosing systems integrated with user friendly digital control. Available for a range of flow rates and based on either direct injection of nutrients in-line or on the mixing tank principle where the nutients are injected into the tank.

  • Direct-injectionDirect-injection
  • Mixing-TankMixing-Tank

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Acid Dosing & pH control

More often than not, particularly in hard water areas, acid predosing will provide the best and most reliable way to ensure that the final pH is safely and accurately controlled. CMW can supply the automatic acid dosing system, water storage tank and all associated fittings and materials.


  • NeutralizerNeutralizer


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