Personal hygiene equipment

The importance of good personal hygiene has never been more clear, especially in a production environment where there is a high risk of contamination. Disease organisms, particularly viruses, are easily spread during normal crop and packhouse work. And they can be utterly devastating for the profitability and reputation of any horticulture business.

Elpress products and systems from CMW can play a vital role in combatting disease spread and thereby safeguarding your business.

CMW are able to offer a number of effective solutions by hygiene specialists Elpress which reduce and even eliminate viral, bacterial or fungal  risks. These range from simple handwashing units to fully integrated smart systems which automatically prevent the entry of the workforce into crop or packing areas until all the hygiene protocols have been fulfilled. The video below illustrates the general principles that may be used in the design of an automatic entry system to a packhouse or greenhouse.

All Elpress personal hygiene systems are HACCP (International) certified (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point)  More here

Elpress Industrial Washing systems for crates and tools also available go here for more 

Products and systems can be produced to suit your particular requirements using off the shelf products or bespoke solutions. Contact us for more information: 01430 422222


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