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Uneven greenhouse temperature

According to recent research, uneven temperatures are the main reason why many growers struggle to maintain the ideal greenhouse climate.

Greenhouses have always been susceptible to having a 'cold side' despite advances in both overhead and side screens, so problems occur in every type of greenhouse whether new or old.

The usual cause..

When the screen and vents are closed in cold weather, cold air above the screen 'rolls' along the top of the screen to the lowest point, where it has some cooling effect on the crop below. When the screen is gapped or opened the cold air drops onto the crop, causing a significantly lower temperature in the growing area below the screen at that end. The resulting temperature difference between one end of a row or bench and the other can be considerable and is very likely to cause significant delays in flowering or fruit ripening at the coldest end. You can learn more about uneven temperature effects in this case history.

Higher humidity at the cold end also presents a significant disease risk.

The solution - Apex Seals.

By installing vertical partitions of LS Solarwoven material at intervals between the horizontal overhead screen and the greenhouse roof, the cold air above the screen is prevented from collecting at one end and therefore the temperature differential in the growing area below is reduced or eliminated.


For information about how the Apex Seals work in practice, you can read an interesting case history about how leading tomato grower Roly Holt solved a tricky temperature problem here, call 01430 422222 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New! Apex Seals are now also available with SHS anti-fire flame retardant sheet.

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