Look forward to seeing you at IPM!

Starting today and running until Friday 25th January 2019, IPM Essen is one of the premier Horticultural exhibitions anywhere in the world, with over 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries.

Nick Field will be attending for CMW from Wednesday through to Friday. He'd love to see any UK visitors who'd like a chat. You'll find him in Hall 3, either at Luiten Greenhouses (3B29) or Saarlucon (3C30).

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NFU breakthrough on Business Rates for plant nurseries

Years of work from the NFU have finally resulted in a bill being laid in Parliament which will ensure that nursery growers are treated equally to other agricultural businesses regarding business rates.

The Non Domestic Rates (Nursery Grounds) Bill confirms that plant nurseries in England will be covered under the agricultural exemption for business rates, along with other agricultural businesses.

The current legislation currently excludes nursery grounds growing mainly or entirely under cover from the exemption.

NFU Deputy President Guy Smith said: “This is a significant victory for nursery growers, and brings them in line with other farm businesses and providing essential certainty for the future.

“The NFU has been working hard behind the scenes with Defra and MHCLG to deliver this result for our members and I am pleased that the government has acted upon the case we made.

“The decision to rectify this anomaly will prevent the wider horticultural industry suffering significant negative implications, and will allow growers to continue doing what they do best – producing food for the nation.”

Local Government Minister Rishi Sunak MP said: “Plant nurseries are an essential part of the rural economy and it is vital they are protected.”

In some individual cases, NFU members will see very substantial and unsustainable charges either waived or reimbursed.


Berry growers impressed by greenhouse technologies

Inspired by the results of near-market research at specialist soft fruit facilities such as the Proefcentrum at Hoogstraten in Belgium (, growers in the Benelux countries have been investing in the latest greenhouse technology for some time, and now UK growers are seeing the benefits of modern growing systems too.

Berry growers Andrew Barrie, John Busby and Colin Grant recently visited a number of CMW customers using state of the art greenhouse technologies. Hosted by Nick Field and Gordon Badham of CMW, there was much to see:

(follow the hyperlinks for more information about the individual technologies)

As well as a number of RHI and/or FIT compliant renewable energy installations

CMW would like to thank the following for their hospitality during this grower tour:

Valefresco, Evesham

R&L Holt, Fladbury and Offenham

Westland Nursery, Offenham

Red Roofs Nursery, Cottingham

Mill Nurseries, Keyingham


Improved performance NDJ Dripper

NDJ Click Tif PCND drippers solve many of the problems that have become associated with other dripper types.

Key features:

  • Pressure compensating and leak proof 
  • Made of high grade plastics and silicon rubber.
  • Available for a wide range of outputs: 1.3lph, 2.0lph, 3.0lph, 4lph and 8lph and fully colour coded.
  • The wide range of outputs is more than enough to cover all eventualities.
  • The closing pressure of all the drippers is 3 m. This is not only industry leading but also vital on sloping or undulating land.
  • The operational pressure range is between 0.8 bar and 4 bar which again is industry leading. This allows for large valve blocks and long runs and, as pumping systems get older, the low operating pressure compared to the high closing allows the system to continue to operate at the originally designed output.
  • Cascade labyrinth allows for wide passage ways. Large dripper construction allows robust outlet chamber with large exit allowing the dripper to function with difficult water conditions. It therefore resists blockage throughout the dripper.
  • Very importantly the dripper is completely frost and split resistant.
  • The stake has several key features:
  • The 'H' cross section allows the water to travel down the stake without being proud of the side of the 'H' meaning that polythene, leaves and other potential obstructions cannot interfere with and divert the flow away from the bag or block, potentially onto the floor.
  • Another advantage of this deep 'H' is that the stake can work at quite low angles (below 45') and without adversely affecting the flow to the plant.
  • The inverted ascending chevrons facilitate the water flow being pushed outwards to facilitate lateral water movement 

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Nick Field joins CMW

We are delighted to announce that Nick Field joined CMW Horticulture on October 23rd 2017.

With almost 30 years experience, both in the UK and internationally, Nick is already very well-known and highly respected in the protected cropping and soft fruit sectors of the horticulture industry. After technical college, Nick trained initially in Micro-electronic engineering, specialising in maintenance and support for IBM PC computers. This was followed by a period with one of the UK's leading water treatment equipment manufacturers, and his introduction to the protected cropping sector.

Nick joined Priva in 1990, initially as a service and commissioning engineer, later moving to a technical sales role before becoming Commercial Manager for Priva in the UK as well as heading up Priva's expansion into the soft fruit sector.

After more than 25 years with Priva, Nick was invited to start up a new office for Priva in California to focus on the development of Priva's soft fruit business in that region and to look after their business on the west coast of both the USA and Canada.

Nick's responsibilities in both the UK and North America included the management of key accounts in both markets.

As one of the UK's leading Priva dealers, CMW are confident that Nick's considerable expertise in all aspects of climate and irrigation control, digital labour registration, digital crop registration - together with technical and heating systems generally - will further enhance CMW's ability to provide the best in technical and sales support to both new and existing customers.

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Phone: +44 (0) 7522 227352


Royal opening at Standhill Farm

20th September was a big day for Jim Shanks and his family, as the Princess Royal officially opened their 16,000 square metre state-of-the-art tomato nursery in the Scottish Borders.

The opening ceremony was a happy and informal occasion as well as a great opportunity for the staff at Standhill Farm, their families, local children and the official party, to meet the Princess. 

The nursery, a turnkey project designed and built by CMW and Certhon, was planted on January 13th 2017, and in production with premium varieties Sweetelle and Annamay on 27th March. 

For more details about the project concept and its successful implementation, go here

Jan 31st 2017- free irrigation masterclass, Harlow

Priva, Grodan and Groen Agro recently published a comprehensive irrigation guide entitled Best Practice Guidelines for Greenhouse Water Management. Of course, actively implementing good irrigation practice is essential for maximum crop production and quality.

So Priva have decided to take the message direct to growers by arranging a seminar in Harlow on January 31st 2017 which will follow the principles outlined in the book. The one-day seminar is free to those who pre-register. You can register on-line here. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and all those who attend will be given a free copy of the book to take away.

CMW to host GrowSave seminar

The Dutch greenhouse industry has been working on the Het Nieuwe Telen (HNT) project for several years. 'Het Nieuwe Telen' translates roughly to New Way of Growing or Next Generation Growing, a title chosen to suggest that new attitudes to basic environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can make a significant contribution to the overall aim of the HNT project: - 

To optimise crop production without unnecessary consumption of energy and water.

Although UK growers have received tidbits of information about HNT from time to time, it has been difficult to get a fuller picture. A summary of the progress of the HNT project so far was published in Dutch at the end of 2015, but so far there is no English translation.

However, AHDB funded GrowSave have now arranged two seminars during April 2016 which will be delivered by four specialists with proven expertise in HNT, including one of the authors of the 'Basic Principles of HNT' published last year.

The first seminar, on 20th April, will be hosted by CMW, followed by a repeat of the event in Harlow on 21st April.

Full details of both seminars, which are free to levy payers, can be found on the GrowSave website, where you can also reserve your place at whichever venue suits you best.

The following video (with English subtitles) gives an overview of some of the benefits that HNT can bring.


 The seminars are sponsored by:



Vertical Farming - Introducing Greencube

CMW partner Logiqs have been innovators of internal transport systems in greenhouses for many years. Now, as productive land becomes scarcer and more expensive, a trend towards inner city food production is developing, and vertical farming is moving up the agenda.

The Greencube represents how Logiqs see the future of vertical farming. It's the result of Logiqs' experience working with some of the most successful growers in the world.

Having already designed and implemented numerous multi-level rolling bench systems in greenhouses around the world, the Greencube represents a natural evolution for Logiqs concepts for efficient, intensive production systems.

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Certhon attain new quality standard

Having attained the VCA/SCC and ISO 9001 quality standards already, Certhon have now also qualified for the sought-after HortiQ accreditation, confirming the quality of the products and processes within the company.

HortiQ is an initiative of AVAG, the Dutch Platform for Greenhouse Suppliers. The HortiQ certificate is an independent and objective quality system for greenhouse manufacturers, installation companies and other suppliers of equipment to the greenhouse sector. In order to be allowed to use the certificate, the suppliers’ products as well as their internal organisation, including their quality policy, must meet predefined criteria.

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