Royal opening at Standhill Farm

20th September was a big day for Jim Shanks and his family, as the Princess Royal officially opened their 16,000 square metre state-of-the-art tomato nursery in the Scottish Borders.

The opening ceremony was a happy and informal occasion as well as a great opportunity for the staff at Standhill Farm, their families, local children and the official party, to meet the Princess. 

The nursery, a turnkey project designed and built by CMW and Certhon, was planted on January 13th 2017, and in production with premium varieties Sweetelle and Annamay on 27th March. 

For more details about the project concept and its successful implementation, go here

Jan 31st - free irrigation masterclass, Harlow

Priva, Grodan and Groen Agro recently published a comprehensive irrigation guide entitled Best Practice Guidelines for Greenhouse Water Management. Of course, actively implementing good irrigation practice is essential for maximum crop production and quality.

So Priva have decided to take the message direct to growers by arranging a seminar in Harlow on January 31st which will follow the principles outlined in the book. The one-day seminar is free to those who pre-register. You can register on-line here. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and all those who attend will be given a free copy of the book to take away.

CMW to host GrowSave seminar

The Dutch greenhouse industry has been working on the Het Nieuwe Telen (HNT) project for several years. 'Het Nieuwe Telen' translates roughly to New Way of Growing or Next Generation Growing, a title chosen to suggest that new attitudes to basic environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can make a significant contribution to the overall aim of the HNT project: - 

To optimise crop production without unnecessary consumption of energy and water.

Although UK growers have received tidbits of information about HNT from time to time, it has been difficult to get a fuller picture. A summary of the progress of the HNT project so far was published in Dutch at the end of 2015, but so far there is no English translation.

However, AHDB funded GrowSave have now arranged two seminars during April 2016 which will be delivered by four specialists with proven expertise in HNT, including one of the authors of the 'Basic Principles of HNT' published last year.

The first seminar, on 20th April, will be hosted by CMW, followed by a repeat of the event in Harlow on 21st April.

Full details of both seminars, which are free to levy payers, can be found on the GrowSave website, where you can also reserve your place at whichever venue suits you best.

The following video (with English subtitles) gives an overview of some of the benefits that HNT can bring.


 The seminars are sponsored by:



Vertical Farming - Introducing Greencube

CMW partner Logiqs have been innovators of internal transport systems in greenhouses for many years. Now, as productive land becomes scarcer and more expensive, a trend towards inner city food production is developing, and vertical farming is moving up the agenda.

The Greencube represents how Logiqs see the future of vertical farming. It's the result of Logiqs' experience working with some of the most successful growers in the world.

Having already designed and implemented numerous multi-level rolling bench systems in greenhouses around the world, the Greencube represents a natural evolution for Logiqs concepts for efficient, intensive production systems.

For more information, please call +44 (0) 1430 42222, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our contact form




Certhon attain new quality standard

Having attained the VCA/SCC and ISO 9001 quality standards already, Certhon have now also qualified for the sought-after HortiQ accreditation, confirming the quality of the products and processes within the company.

HortiQ is an initiative of AVAG, the Dutch Platform for Greenhouse Suppliers. The HortiQ certificate is an independent and objective quality system for greenhouse manufacturers, installation companies and other suppliers of equipment to the greenhouse sector. In order to be allowed to use the certificate, the suppliers’ products as well as their internal organisation, including their quality policy, must meet predefined criteria.

1st Heat pump for UK horticulture

Following his recent investment in a new turnkey greenhouse (See references), Chris Durnford has become the first UK grower to have an operational heat pump.

Red Roofs Nursery has 6 compartments with 2 separate buffer systems which until now have been heated by a single boiler and CHP. The CHP was the nursery's primary energy source, with the boiler only required as a backup and during occasional periods of high heat demand. Now, to reduce the nursery's dependence on gas and encouraged by the very attractive heat pump subsidy available through the RHI, a 750 kW heat pump has also been installed.

Installing a heat pump is not something to be taken lightly, as the initial investment is considerable and integration of a heat pump into an existing modern heating system requires a lot of experience and know-how. In this case the heat pump expertise was provided by Certhon, who have installed a number of heat pumps in greenhouses around the world, and by CMW - who ensured that the control was properly integrated into the Priva heat management system.

System Objectives:

  • Always to have enough heat available to satisfy the demand from all the greenhouses
  • Both buffers are open systems (no isolation valves), so the buffers must never empty completely
  • To have enough spare capacity in the buffers to ensure the CHP can run throughout the day to produce sufficient CO2 without destroying heat. (The buffers must be at  their minimum fill level at the start of the day)
  • Use the heat pump as the primary heat source after the CHP
  • Block operation of the heat pump from 16.00 to 19.30 when the electricity cost is uneconomic
  • As far as possible, operate the boiler for CO2 only
  • Maximise RHI revenue

 Achieving these objectives is only possible because of bespoke software, written for the Priva climate computer by Gordon Badham of CMW, which communicates with the software in the heat pump. As the ground water source is common to both the heat pump and the irrigation system, part of the bespoke programming ensures that the levels in the irrigation water tanks are maintained at the desired levels whilst maximising the heat production from the heat pump.


UK Salads expansion

UK Salads Ltd. have given the go-ahead to CMW Horticulture and Certhon for a 13,200 square metre development at their Hoe Lane site in the Lea Valley. The new block will enable UK Salads to add home produced speciality tomatoes to their existing product range alongside peppers, cucumbers and aubergines.

The new turnkey greenhouse project will also include a boiler house, irrigation room and packing shed along with water storage tanks and heating system including boiler and buffer.

This latest co-operative project between CMW Horticulture and Certhon will see Certhon taking care of the greenhouse and heating and CMW working alongside them to supply and install the thermal screens, crop gutters and air tube system.

Work on the foundations started in early July, for planting of the first crop next season.

Time to think about replacing screens?

Not so long ago, energy screens were regarded as a luxury for many crops. Those days are gone. Nowadays, screens are an essential part of an intensive grower's armoury - not just for keeping energy use under control, but more and more as a tool for the manipulation of the greenhouse environment.

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