CO2 Equipment & Systems

CO2 enrichment is key to bumper yields and premium crops

CMW can equip your nursery with the ideal CO2 system from whatever CO2 source(s) may be available:

  • Gas or kerosene boilerCO2 sensor
  • A combined heat and power unit (CHP)
  • Direct fired CO2 generators
  • Liquid CO2

AllĀ  CO2 sources must be monitored and controlled carefully - not only to ensure optimum plant growth but also to prevent wasteful overdosing, which is environmentally unacceptable and may cause crop damage.

Electronic CO2 sensors are very popular and reliable. Many types of electronic sensor are compatible with the Priva environmental computer system. CMW also supply portable CO2 instruments. Ask us for details.

Perfect CO2 distribution is also vital

CMW have over 30 years experience in designing, supply and installing CO2 distribution systems, right from the boiler house to the crop, including fans, mains, sub-mains and layflat tubing.

Please call 01430 422222, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or use ourĀ enquiry form to learn more or to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.